We are all in the same boat | To LeT solo show

We are all in the same boat
TO/LET solo show

Vernissage 18th July 2019 | 18 – 21
Expo 19th July – 30th August

super+ CENTERCOURT | Adalbertstr. 44 | 80799 München

As usual in all their works, even in the project of the exhibition at Super +centercourt in Munich, the TO / LET duo will exhibit and design works strongly related to the architectural space that hosts them, using different materials and techniques.

From the paste-up (paper and glue on wall) combined with painting, to sculptural installations that have a repetition of objects made of ceramics as protagonists.
The redesign of the space will be operated by intervening on all the surfaces of the gallery, from the walls to the floor and windows with elements of glued paper or adhesive tape.

On Thursday 18th July, TO / LET opens its first solo exhibition in Germany at the super + CENTERCOURT in Adalbertstraße 44 in Munich: the exhibition is curated by Sara Manfredi and Sophie-Charlotte BombecK, the project takes place under the aegis of the Italian Institute of Culture of Munich and it is promoted by super + eV with the contribution of Pastyle Germany.


Since 2005, TO/LET (Marinangeli/Placucci) is a female artistic duo based in Bologna (ITaly) that through installations, public art works, photography, video and illustration, creates projects strongly related to the physical and sensorial architectural space.

TO/LET takes part in many italian and european independent festivals, designing two-dimensional space invasions realized with paper graphic elements or huge wall paintings.

With walking-through installations that reinterpret tore-open intimate spaces rebuilt in public places, TO/LET featured in many exhibitions, solo and collective, including La giovane Italia e Officina Italia 2 curated by Renato Barilli.

In 2008 in Bologna TO/LET opens eLaSTiCo, a space that promotes contemporary art in all its forms, with special attention to the contamination between different languages and to emerging young artists’ productions.

In 2013, TO/LET released Fuori Uscita, a public installation in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, on the occasion of the Rogo del Vecchione, an ancient and consolidated tradition of the city that consists of the burning of a large puppet that takes place at midnight on December 31st to celebrate the New Year.

In 2018, TO / LET received a recognition associated with an important figure in the panorama of art and art criticism in Italy: the ALINOVI DAOLIO AWARD, curated by Renato Barilli.

In 2019 TO / LET won the Belluno / Cortina Award for Artist of the year.

TO/LET | www.to-let.it

Sara Manfredi | curator